1C:ERP Business Forum 2018: From the Inside

We're happy to announce out next #SpeakingClubFor1CPeople meeting: 1C:ERP Business Forum 2018. From the Inside.

On November, 15 7 p.m. Moscow Time Michael Igitov, Business Development Manager at 1C Company, will give an overview of this remarkable event held by 1C Company. For more details, see http://1c.ru/bf/2018/default.jsp

Michael will eagerly share some highlights from the most significant presentations (both 1C employees and customers), announce some winners of the project of the year award as well as show you some pictures and the event atmosphere as such.

This speaking club is free of charge. Feel free to join at https://zoom.us/j/489333229.

Have fun and learn English with 1C colleagues!

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